Monday, April 14, 2008

T4G - Day One

Today was travel day to Louisville for Together for the Gospel. We pulled out of Columbus at around 6:00 AM this morning after picking up all the travelers. Two gold 15-passenger vans with eight of us in each. A pretty uneventful travel day all in all, arrived in Louisville tonight at the Galt House Hotel at about 9:45 tonight. Darin driving the lead van had a close encounter with a trio of deer in the dark in eastern Indiana, but no collision and no damage. Getting ready to crash for the night, going to help Timmy Brister and the Band of Blogger guys first thing in the morning packing the goodie bags with books for the BoB's. Then lunch with the BoB's and the panel discussion, followed by the first session of T4G in the afternoon, Ligon Duncan.

Here's a few pics of the trip today. Sleepy time on the road for Bill & Rachel:

Unless you're the lead dog (or van) the view never changes:

A deep theological discussion, regarding television show theme songs...

Will try to post some summaries of the sessions and highlights of tomorrow. Stay tuned...

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