Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Books!

For those of you who weren't able to attend Together for the Gospel last week, you missed out on not just some great speakers and a great event, but also on a stack of great free books. Here's a picture of the books that everyone attending got to take home. Some classic works, some brand new ones, all good and selected by Dever, Duncan, Mohler and Mahaney. A couple of these I already have, so will be passing them on to others. Likely to one of the guys in the disciple program at the Rescue Mission.

And since I also went to the Band of Bloggers gathering, I got an additional eight free books. I already am reading one of them - Young, Restless and Reformed by Collin Hansen. A great look at the new resurgence of interest in Reformed theology and practice by the next generation. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone who works in student ministries, especially high school and college ages.


Rachel said...

Hey I heard you Band of Bloggers also got reThink and The Tale of Two Sons - I'm interested to hear your thoughts on these books when you get around to reading them.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we did. The Tale of Two Sons is on the top of my "read next" list. And since I'm not really involved with student ministry, I may pass reThink on to someone who is. But I'll probably read it first.

Todd Wood said...

I see Pierced For Our Transgressions in the stack.

Very good.

This is a huge fundamental to be waged in the battlefield in the LDS I-15 corridor.