Tuesday, April 15, 2008

T4G - Day 2 (Tuesday)

10:45AM - Up bright and early this morning to help Tim Brister and company with bagging books and setup for the Band of Bloggers. Then went over to the conference center to check in for T4G, met Tim Challies who was in the check in line in front of me. Sitting here right now in the lounge of the hotel with a couple of my compadres while they have some breakfast, looking out over the Ohio river. Will be heading down to the Band of Bloggers gathering in a few minutes.

5:05PM - Taking a short break in the hotel room before we all go out to dinner together this evening. The Band of Bloggers was a great get together, got to meet a number of fellow Gospel bloggers whom I have encountered online but never met face to face. Found that networking with the 150 people there was hard though, since I didn't know who to look for. Most of these people I have never seen before and have no idea what they look like. Some I don't even know their names. But did get to meet and talk with all the Team Pyro guys. In fact, here's proof:

Just finished the first session with Ligon Duncan speaking on the need for sound doctrine and theology in pastoral ministry. Some great points, need a little time to think and digest and summarize. I'm sure we'll be doing that later tonite as a group, will post some thoughts then.

9:30PM - Got back to the hotel room a few minutes ago after the last session for the evening. Thabiti Anyabwile spoke regarding how Biblical identity transcends any ethnicities that we allow or use to divide us, even within the church. Anyabwile made a Biblical case for the lack of any biological basis for race, but rather a unity due to our common ancestry in Adam. And as Christians, our unity in identity with Christ. He ended with several challenging application points that impacted me as I consider the future of Latino ministry at Highland Park.

Gathered with the rest of the gang to talk about what we've heard and learned and taken away from today's events. It's great to hear how God has impacted each person who came today. Looking forward to what He will do tomorrow. In the meantime, here's a few pictures from the day:

Trav and Kevin enjoying breakfast with the river in the background:

The panel discussion group at the Band of Bloggers gathering this morning:
The panel discussion group after Ligon Duncan's message this morning.

Bill and Matt before the first session.

Getting tired, it's been a long day and tomorrow morning will come early. John MacArthur at 8:00 AM. Stay tuned for tomorrow's updates.


thebluefish said...

Hello. I'm the guy coming out of your ear in your photo with Phil Johnson.

The Doulos said...

Oh, that was you in there! :-)

Hope you had a Christ-glorifying time at BoB and T4G. Thanks for dropping by!

thebluefish said...

I loved it. A brilliant first visit to the USA.