Saturday, April 19, 2008

More Thoughts on T4G

I'm still processing a lot of what I heard and saw and experienced this past week at T4G. One of the things that was interesting for me to observe was the widely varied responses and reactions of the group of people from our church that were at the event together. As we talked, both as a group and individually, there was great diversity in the points that each speaker made that had most impacted each of us.

An example of this was a conversation I had with my worship pastor, Trav. As I noted in a previous post, I was probably least connected with the messages from Piper and Mahaney. But for Trav, these were the highlights of the conference, since God has wired him to connect with the passion and message of these two men. Whereas for me, I was most affected by the messages from Sproul, MacArthur and Duncan, since God has wired me differently. He has also equipped and placed the two of us in much different ministry areas of focus. And I am glad for that, as it takes this diversity of gifts and ministries to glorify Christ in service to Him and His Body. One of the takeaways from the conference for me personally is a deeper appreciation for this diversity, a deeper love for the glory of Christ expressed in this diversity, and a sense of humility in correction to the sense of pride that I sometimes tend towards in my teaching ministry when compared to other areas of service.

As an illustration of that diversity, here's a few pictures of most of the group from Highland Park EFC that travelled together to the conference.

Derek, Kevin, Trav, Dianne, Dan, Bill, Mark and Matt listening to one of the other group member's insights.

Cindy, Rachel, Jeff and Derek as Rachel talks about the day's events.

Mark, Matt, Darin, Cindy and Louise doing the same.

Like I said, diversity. But in that diversity as unity that transcends all else. The Gospel of Jesus Christ. In that, we truly are together for the Gospel.


bryan riley said...

I was really excited to hear about so many people going to this. I hope it truly was a fantastic call to the Body of Christ.

The Doulos said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by Bryan. Yeah, T4G was a great refocus for me and many of the folks that I was with. Praying for lasting fruit in my ministry and many others as well.