Thursday, October 30, 2008

Grace Upon Grace

As I was traveling this past week, I was contemplating possible future Bible study classes to develop material for. One that I am playing with is an examination of the many aspects of God's gracious nature. I think this is an area that we (post) modern Christians do not spend nearly enough time considering. We instead settle for a superficial understanding of the vast and superabundant grace of God. And in the process settle for a less than adequate understanding of the person and character of God. And as a result, offer up less than full and appropriate worship of and love for God.

My objective in this class would be to help all of us who have been the recipients of God's grace in Christ to drink more deeply of that fountain, and to be challenged to live a more grace-filled life. Here's a working list of the major lesson topic areas I'm considering:

  • Grace Defined - what is this thing we call "grace"?
  • God's Common Grace - how does God's grace extend to all creation and people?
  • God's Covenantal Grace - how is God's covenant-keeping nature a demonstration of His grace?
  • God's Electing Grace - how are God's choices of people and nations gracious?
  • God's Redeeming Grace - how does salvation exhibit God's amazing grace?
  • God's Preserving Grace - why is God's preservation of His people a gracious act?
  • God's Sustaining Grace - how does God graciously provide power for daily living?
  • God's Eternal Grace - is God's grace in all it's facets temporal or eternal?
  • God's Restraining Grace - how does God graciously restrain evil in the world?
  • God's Disciplining Grace - how is God's correction of His children gracious?
  • Our Response to the Grace of God - how then shall we live in a gracious manner?
  • ...

I'm interested in feedback on these topic areas, and suggestions for additional ones. Comments please.

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