Friday, October 3, 2008

God's Faithfulness, Fore & Aft

The focus of the worship service at our church this Sunday is going to be considering God's faithfulness to our church, looking back and looking forward. We are currently in a stage of transition from our previous senior pastor to the man that God will bring to lead us in the next season of ministry, so this is an appropriate time to consider the past faithfulness of God in the history of our church, and considering how He will continue to be faithful in the future.

This got me thinking today about how in a very real sense, the spiritual life of our family is a micro-testimony to God's faithfulness, expressed through Highland Park church. Now, there's nothing particularly noteworthy about our family, and there are dozens of other stories at HP that demonstrate the amazing gracious faithfulness of Christ. But I still felt compelled to testify to what He has done in our family through the ministry and people at HP.

When our oldest son Mike was in kindergarten, a friend invited him to attend the Awana club at HP. We were unbelievers at the time, but didn't see any harm in Mike learning some Bible verses. And as I and my wife Tammie helped him memorize these passages, God faithfully used that time to get His word into our home and into our hearts. I had never heard the gospel of Christ before expressed in those direct Biblical terms. And in due time God sovereignly brought both I and my wife to faith in that gospel and the Lord Jesus Christ. And eventually He also brought Mike to faith in Christ, as well as our other two younger kids.

Of course, that little kindergartner Mike is no longer a Sparky in Awana. He's a senior at Bible college now as he pursues God's call on his life to go into full time ministry. In fact, he's studying this semester in Israel. God has been faithful in this so far, and it remains to be seen where Mike will end up serving Christ. But one thing is sure - God will continue to faithfully lead and equip and challenge him as he follows His leading.

As for the rest of the family, we rest in that assurance of God's continuing providence and faithfulness to us as His people. He's placed in me a desire and passion for teaching His word and discipling His people. He's placed into my wife a love for ministering to kids, as she works in helping lead that same Awana program that God used all those years ago. I look forward to seeing how He will faithfully mature and grow our two younger kids, now 15 and 12.

All this to say that our God is faithful. Faithful to His promises, faithful to His purposes, faithful to His character, and most of all faithful to His people. And we are here to declare His glory as He faithfully works in and through us.

Soli Deo Gloria...

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