Sunday, March 23, 2008

Three "R"s

In the Biblical Worldview class I taught this morning, we were discussing how having a solid Biblical theology is the foundation for a solid Biblical worldview. And a basis for a solid Biblical theology is a good understanding of the person and nature of God. So we looked at three aspects of God's nature that summarize His character and attributes:

  • God is Ruler - He alone is the almighty sovereign God. He rules in power and might.
  • God is Righteous - He is perfect and right in all His ways.
  • God is Relational - God expresses relationship in His tri-unity. And He desires relationship with His creation, specifically with man.

These "Three R's" are not an exhaustive list of God's attributes, but they are a useful summary to keep in mind. All of His other attributes can be fit into one of these categories. For example, God's omnipotence and omnipresence are expressions of His being Ruler. God's justice and wrath are expressions of His being Righteous. And God's mercy and grace are expressions of His being Relational. Not a bad way to think of the character of our God in shorthand.

And as I was teaching, it occurred to me that all three of these aspects of who God is are expressed in the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ that we celebrate today.

  • God as Ruler sovereignly decreed before the foundation of the world His redemptive plan for fallen humanity. And He powerfully brought it to pass in real history.
  • God as Righteous required a payment for the sin of mankind so that He could remain just. And so He provided that propitiatory payment through the sacrifice of Christ.
  • God as Relational did not remain aloof and distant, but entered His creation as the God-Man in order to live the righteous life we could not, and die the perfect death in our place. All so He could make a way for us to enjoy a relationship with Him, for His glory.

And He continues to express these aspects of His character today as He applies the truth of the Gospel to His elect. He sovereignly brings His people to faith in Christ. He righteously justifies them when they come to Him, and empowers them by His Spirit and His Word to live righteously. And He sustains them as they live in relationship with Him for eternity. All for His purposes and His glory.

Great truths to remember and reflect on this Resurrection Day. He is risen indeed!

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