Sunday, March 23, 2008

More from Obama's "Church"

So here's the first Easter message from the new, improved pastor of Obama's church in Chicago, the guy who replaced Jeremiah Wright. You know, the guy who preaches that America is damned by God, that we were responsible for 9/11, that the government invented AIDS to kill of blacks?

I try to avoid political commentary here, but these guys are, well, wacko. And for Obama to claim he's never heard this stuff or isn't affected by it after 20 years in this congregation is a bald-faced lie.

And here's a quote from a letter by another supporter that is in the story: "An attack on this man of God is an attack on all those of the cloth who believe in the social Gospel of liberation." This is why I put quotes around the term "church" above. Because the "social Gospel of liberation" is not the Gospel of Christ. It's a perversion of it, a twisting of Scripture to meet another end result. And by definition, any "church" built on anything other than the real Gospel of Jesus Christ is not a church. These quotes from the likes of Wright and company should make that pretty clear.

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