Friday, March 28, 2008

A Band of Bloggers

I'm sitting here in the airport in Orlando waiting for my flight back home. Amazing, they have free wi-fi internet here! So I decided to make some use of it. While reading Tim Challie's blog last evening I noticed a link to a site for bloggers that are attending the Together For the Gospel conference in Louisville, KY in a couple of weeks. Which I am. That is, a blogger and also attending T4G. The link took me to a site that told about an event being held in conjunction with T4G called The Gospel Trust. It's a gathering of Christian bloggers, intended to encourage and connect with others doing the same kind of cyber-ministry. I immediately registered for this, and am really looking forward to getting to meet face-to-face with over 100 people who I have read and discussed with via the net but never seen before. People like Tim Challies, Justin Taylor, Frank Turk, Abraham Piper and many others. Should be a great addition to the whole T4G experience.

If you're a brother blogger-in-Christ and haven't heard of this and are going to T4G, be sure to register to join the Band of Bloggers. Go here and do it now. And I'll see y'all in St. Louie on the 15th!

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