Saturday, November 22, 2008

Living for God's Glory

I just received a pdf of a new book from Reformation Trust by Joel Beeke. Living for God's Glory - An Introduction to Calvinism is the title. It looks to be a great explanation of not just the Doctrines of Grace from a theological point of view, but also of the implications of Calvinist doctrines for the life of the church, for evangelism, for personal holiness and for practice in all areas of the life of the Christian. The book also includes contributions by others such as Sinclair Ferguson, Michael Haykin and Derek W. H. Thomas. Looking forward to digging in to this book, but it may take some time as it's a little more than 400 pages, and reading that much on a computer may get tedious. At any rate, I plan to post a review here when finished. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, live for God's glory.

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James Kubecki said...

Look forward to the review, brother.