Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Results...

Yes, it's that fateful date when the American people exercise their right to respond to all the lies and hype and emotionalism of the presidential campaigns and vote their conscience, or their pocketbook, or their ideological agenda, or their worldview, or their ignorance or whatever. And when millions of people will be glued to their TV sets all evening and probably late into the night to get the results of the election. So much at stake, and even at this late date the outcome is still far from sure, regardless of what the polling pundits tell us. Because elections really aren't about voting, are they? They're really all about the results. Who, at the end of the day, gets elected? Who gets chosen?

Well there's another kind of election that I am happy to say is not dependent at all on the vagaries and fickleness of human campaigns and hype. An election which has results that are absolutely sure and certain. And an election with stakes that are infinitely high, a matter of eternal life and death. Of course, that is God's gracious election of those to whom He will grant eternal life in Jesus Christ. I am thankful that there is only one vote needed in this election, and that vote is His. I am grateful that there is no need to campaign for His election, since I would have nothing to claim as a reason He should elect me. In fact, I have nothing to claim at all other than my slavery to sin and my utter rejection of Him. Yet God purposed to elect me, and all who will believe in Christ, to the position of eternal life. To the position of being justified before Him, adopted as His child, free from condemnation, a dwelling place of His Spirit, a member of His body. Not on the basis of any qualifications we possess for that position, but only on the basis of His gracious choice. And He elects His people to that position, not for a 2-year or 4-year term, but for eternity. And He Himself insures that we will remain in that position all the way, never to be impeached or removed from office, even when we fail to fulfill our duties at times. And He does so, not with some superficial knowledge of us like political candidates, but will complete and full and intimate knowledge of who we are. We are foreknown by Him from eternity past.

So as we await the results of the elections, let's not forget the one election that really counts. Let's not lose perspective as followers of Christ. If you are in Christ, it is because God has sovereignly and graciously elected you to be His, He has placed you into that position, one that supersedes all the earthly presidents and nations that may come and go. He has elected you to a Kingdom that is not of this world. Let's be sure that we live like that kind of Kingdom citizen. For the honor and glory of the One who elected us.

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