Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sicko Weekend

My less than wonderful week in Las Vegas was capped off upon my return Friday evening by - a nasty case of some kind of head congestion and body aches viral thing. That has lasted all weekend and here late Sunday evening is still causing me to be bound to the Kleenex box. I can't remember when I have felt this rotten for this long. So I missed going to the high school football game Friday night and seeing son Matt perform with the marching band. And I missed taking my sweet new bike out for it's first real ride that I had planned this weekend. And I even missed church this morning, and the first installment of the Sunday Bible School class I am teaching. All in all, a lost weekend. Hopefully a good night's sleep and some more chemicals will at least allow me to go back to work tomorrow. Or at least to do some 'virtual officing' from home to keep from sharing my hacking and mucous with my colleagues in person.

If you were looking for something more theologically or academically challenging, sorry. This is where I am right now...

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