Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So today I finally got to take a real ride on my new bike. The weather was great, I am more or less over my creeping crud from the weekend, and it was time. A sweet ride that I enjoyed immensely, even if it was only 21 miles. I'm kind of outta shape after not riding for three weeks and being sick. But it was still great, the new bike performed better than I ever expected.

OK, so Lance Armstrong I ain't. Nor would I want to be. But as I rode today, I was thanking my Lord and Savior for His grace in allowing me to enjoy the outdoors and the fresh air and exercise and the sheer joy of riding.

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Mike Awtry said...

I thought you'd wear your maillot jaune on your inagural ride. You're going to ride a Lemond, you have to dress like Lemond.