Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Lonely at the Bottom

Wow. The traffic rate on this site, which has never been much more than on main street in Worms, Nebraska on a Sunday night, is at an all time low. Barely a trickle, according to my hit counter. A couple of visits a day, that appear from the referrals to be more accidental than intentional. And it's been around two months since anyone has left any kind of comment here, too. They say it's lonely at the top. Well, it's lonely at the bottom rung of blogdom, too.

Of course, I haven't been posting much lately. Seems the busy times of summer have been occupying my mind and energy. And leaving little fodder worth sharing with the few who browse this little backwater blog. I've also not been real active commenting on some of the other hot spots on the web that I frequent. Since I haven't been frequenting them very frequently of late. So I'm sure that has an effect on traffic detouring around the 'Den recently.

So I think I'm going to take a little blogging break, officially. Give it a rest til closer to fall, let my creative juices stew and ferment a bit. So the one or two of you reading this - thanks for stopping by or subscribing, come back in a month or two. Until then, God bless.


James Kubecki said...

Rest well, brother. You will be missed.

(Just out of curiosity, does your hit counting include those of us who subscribe via a feed reader like Google Reader? I rarely visit the site proper, but read all the time via RSS. I suspect your readership may be larger than pure "hits" tell.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks James, good to hear from you. And glad that you are a faithful reader via RSS.

And I did check - I have a grand total of 5 subscribers. One of those is you, and one is me. So there are 3 more out there in the ether somewhere...

God's grace to you, my friend.

Ben said...

I read every post Dr. Phil.

I am one of those google reader rss friends out there somewhere.

Every time I can't think of something creative here is what I do: I take an ordinary noun, and put them in a very unordinary situation that would be very unbecoming of their natural character.

For example, what if a boring math teacher taught with the blood turning fervor of a "turn or burn" fundie preacher?

Or what if my cat had a soul and became a christian, and was wrestling with calvinism/arminianism. What kind of things with her cat brain level of intellegence, and her regenerate heart would she think of?

Phil, all this to say that I appreciate your blog and your perspective on things.


Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! Nothin' like a little self-pity post to bring out the readers and commenters, eh?

Thanks for your encouragement Ben. Even though your thoughts are a little...umm...different. And you did call me Dr Phil. That's a no-no at the 'Den.

Hope you and your wife and child-to-be are making progress toward your TEDS decision. God's grace on you.