Thursday, July 17, 2008

Age Before Beauty...

Today marks two birthdays at our house. One is mine, as I complete the first year of my second half-century. (I'll let you do the math on that word problem for yourself.) While I may not be a kid anymore, I am still a bit childish. But even so, the signs of chronological progression are there. Like for example, I got my first letter from the AARP the other day. And today at work I got an email from a co-worker containing a bunch of "senior bumper stickers." Here are a few of my favorites. Of course, none of these apply to me in any way.

And the second birthday today is that of daughter Hannah. Yes, the Princess of the house was born on my 39th birthday. (More math for you there. I'll help you out - she's 12.) The baby of the family is not a baby any more. She's what nowadays is called a "tween." Not quite a teenager (thank God), and yet not a little girl.

So happy birthday to my Princess, the best birthday gift ever.

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Anonymous said...

Since to this point no-one has said a thing..
Firstly, Happy birthday to you and yours...
Second, as a fellow Doulos (and still learning all that means)
thanks for the earlier post
"Tuesday, May 27, 2008 : How to Succeed in Slavery" on being a bond-servant of our Lord-and-Savior.

In His Service,