Saturday, June 14, 2008

What's Goin' On...

Still a little blog-blocked, plus have had a busy week. So here's just some random thoughts on stuff going on with me and my family lately.

  • Son Matt finished his first week as a junior cabin leader (JCL) at Timber lake Ranch Camps, we picked him up yesterday. None the worse for wear other than a sunburned back and some bug bites, and a bit gamy due to only getting two showers all week. Sounds as if he had a good week, in a cabin with a bunch of 9-10 yr old boys, also helping with food service and cleanup, games and activities, etc. He even got to lead his cabin in a Bible study devotional one night. We take him back to camp tomorrow afternoon for his second and last week.
  • After dropping Matt off at camp, I and my lovely bride are heading for a little town in the middle of nowhere in northeast Nebraska and staying in a bed and breakfast there for the evening. Just kind of a getaway for a day, since it's her birthday, and Father's Day too. Will do a little sightseeing and probably some shopping on the way home Monday.
  • We started our reading group Thursday night. About ten of us reading through Sinclair Ferguson's In Christ Alone. It was a great time, lots of good discussion and insights learning and thinking together, and laughs too. A good mix of guys, some older, some young guys like son Mike and another college guy, a little cultural diversity with mi hermano Miguel, pastor Nathan from the little Baptist church north of town, etc. Looking forward to this group progressing through the rest of the summer.
  • Speaking of pastor Nathan, he is back now from his year-long Army deployment to Kuwait as a chaplain. I and several others helped with preaching and teaching last summer and fall at his church while he was gone. And next Sunday he is returning the favor, preaching at our church. And a couple of us are filling in for him at his church. So I'm teaching my normal class that just started on fruitful believers in Christ, then zipping out in the country to teach the adult Sunday school class at Shell Creek Baptist. Should be a busy morning, but fun. I really love the folks at SCB, it will be good to be with them again. I'm going to teach a study I wrote several years back on the parable of the prodigal son. Having recently read John MacArthur's new book A Tale of Two Sons, this is fresh in my mind.
  • Next weekend as a whole will be busy, not just on Sunday. Friday we pick up Matt from camp. Friday evening a friend's daughter is getting married and we will be attending the wedding. Saturday afternoon one of the guys I've worked with for the past year or two in the New Life program at the Rescue Mission is graduating from the program, looking forward to that.
  • Last week also included two of daughter Hannah's softball games. A solid win and a close loss. Barely missed getting rained on at both of them. It's fun watching her growing into the athlete of the family. She loves playing softball, basketball (she was out practicing shots this morning in the driveway to keep her form up), and now she's taken up running. Had me go with her to the high school track the other evening to time her running the 400.
  • In between all this and work stuff I've been trying to get some time on my bike out on the road. I need to get back in shape and drop some pounds. Plus, when I'm cycling I seem to do some of my best thinking. I did manage to get out this morning and do a 22 miler. I even passed some riders on the Bike Ride Across Nebraska (BRAN) that were on the same road as me. Felt pretty good dropping a couple seasoned riders like that on a hill. OK, so they were going a lot farther than I was.

Guess that's enough for now. Hopefully soon I'll have something a bit more substantial to post about.

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