Monday, June 9, 2008

In the Presence of Mine Enemy...

I've had kind of a blogger's block the past week, in case anyone had noticed that there have been no posts here at the Den since last Sunday. Not much has really come to the forefront in my thinking that seemed blog-worthy. Even as I've continued reading through the Psalms, I've had a tough time identifying with so much of what David says to God there. There are so many references to David's enemies, those who are against him and pursuing him and speaking lies about him and the like. His repeated cries to the Lord to vindicate him and punish his enemies just don't seem to resonate with me. I mean, I don't have the likes of King Saul coming after me to kill me like David did. I don't have a rebellious son like Absalom trying to usurp my throne like David did. Heck, come to think of it, I really don't have any enemies at all. Or do I?

As I pondered this while mowing the lawn this afternoon (I do my best thinking while mowing), it occurred to me that I do in fact have an enemy. The same enemy that all who trust Jesus Christ for eternal life have. That enemy is, of course, Satan, the Evil One, the Accuser of the brethren. While he often seems much less tangible than the visible enemies like those who David referred to, he is no less real or formidable. He operates not in the realm of human relationships or authorities, but rather in the realm of the supernatural. He stands before the throne of the Most High God and attempts to bring a charge of sin against me, as he did twice against Job. He seeks to distract and deceive me, to keep me from the whole truth of the Word of God, to deter me from living a life that glorifies the Risen Christ. As Peter says, he prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking a victim to devour. While his time is limited and he knows this, he nonetheless continues to fight a guerrilla war against God's elect, and against God Himself.

So in considering all this, it seems that I really do have a reason to identify with the pleas of David regarding his enemies. And my real enemy is much more serious than any of those men who persecuted David. But at the same time, I do not fear my enemy, the Devil. For he has been defeated once and for all, at the Cross of Jesus Christ. Any accusation he may try to bring against me is covered by the blood of my Savior Jesus Christ. Christ Himself stands before the throne of God, interceding on my behalf as He already has done by His death in my place. He is now my Advocate, my Mediator, my sole defense against the schemes of the Devil. And He is the all-sufficient defense. He has provided the complete armor needed to respond to my enemy the Evil One, both defensively as well as offensively. Yes, I have a powerful adversary, but I have an infinitely powerful, gracious and merciful Savior who defends me against him.

Remember these truths, those of you who have trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ. Never underestimate our enemy the Devil. But never fail to trust the One who has defeated Satan, Death and Hell forever. He indeed does prepare us a banquet table in the presence of our enemy.

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