Thursday, May 22, 2008

Reading Level Warning

Came across a tool on the web which analyzes a blog's level of writing and gives a "reading level" based on that analysis. According to this analysis, The Doulos' Den is at a College (Undergraduate) reading level. That's probably about the level I try to write at, and hopefully the right level to communicate clearly to you, my few readers, and yet challenge you to think.

So I decided to run the analyzer on a few of my favorite blogs to see how they fared. Results:

  • Pyromaniacs: High School
  • Between Two Worlds (Justin Taylor): Elementary School
  • (Tim Challies): High School
  • Centurion (Frank Turk): Jr. High School
  • Pulpit Magazine Blog (John MacArthur, et al): College (Postgraduate)
  • Biblical Christianity (Dan Phillips): Elementary School
  • Reformed Mafia: College (Postgraduate)
  • Dr. Albert Mohler: College (Undergraduate)
  • High School
Interesting, to say the least. Although I have to say that the writers who challenge me to think the most seem to do so using language that is at a lower reading level. maybe that's because I can grasp more of what they're actually saying. Whatever.


Ben said...

could you send or post a link to the reading level analyzer?

Ben said...

could you send or post a link to the reading level analyzer?

The Doulos said...

Yes, Yes. :-)

The link is here.

Darin said...

Your writing can't possibly be at the collegiate level, otherwise I would'nt be able to understand it! :-)

DJP said...

My blogs are High School and Elementary School? What th--?

Not sure I know what to make of that.