Sunday, February 28, 2010

Survey Says...

I try to avoid using The Den as a forum for my political views, preferring to keep true to the theological and Biblical content that I started this little nondescript blog to present. My political leanings are decidedly conservative, both socially and especially economically. And I am increasingly concerned that President Obama and the Democrat leadership are leading this country to the brink of economic ruin that will take decades to recover from - if ever. And I also believe that this is a moral issue, in that it affects the quality of life and opportunity for millions of Americans, now and yet unborn.

But I am also concerned with the seemingly willful loss of our government's accountability to the people who they are ostensibly there to serve. The will of the people seems to matter little to the current adminisration, even to the point of sacrificing political party numerical advantage on the altar of pursuing some sort of achievement - even if that 'achievement' is one that the American people do not want.

Today I came across some results of the latest CNN/Opinion research poll that points this out with shocking clarity. Consider these numbers:

  • Only 25% of Americans want the current Obama health care bills (either one of them) to be passed and turned into law.
  • 48% of Americans wish the President and Congress would scrap the current bills and start the discussion and process on health care reform all over again.
  • 25% of Americans wished the federal government would drop health care reform for the time being - altogether.
  • 56% of the American people believe the government is intruding upon the basic rights of its citizens. The survey shows that 4 in 10 Democrats feel that way as well as 6 in 10 independents.
Note that this isn't a 'biased' right-wing Fox News poll, it's from CNN. Any way you look at it, the majority of Americans do not want what Pres. Obama and the Senate and House majorities are working overtime to find a way to get passed. And all the while referring to Republicans and Independents who oppose these bills as 'obstructionists', while at the same time barely able to scrape together enough Democrat congressional votes to get the bills passed, even by using the reconciliation 'nuclear option.'

OK, I'm done now. I could say much more, but I'll leave the interpretation and application of these survey results to you, my one of two astute readers. But I'll close with this statement: a representative government that ignores the will and consent of the governed has lost its moral authority to lead.

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