Thursday, July 23, 2009

Slacker Excuses Post

This is the post where I make excuses to rationalize my not posting anything at all for the past three weeks. There, I said it right up front. The 2 or 3 of you who occasionally read this backwater blog know what's coming now.

But truthfully, there's been so many things going on and competing for my attention lately that I haven't had the blog post itch for a while. Spent a week in Kansas City with the family on vacation, that was fun and a nice getaway. Also a fair amount of work-related stuff going on lately that's occupied much of my energy. Including being invited to be a keynote speaker at a business conference in Australia in November, and dealing with the arrangements and such that go with that (including taking the family along - Thanksgiving down under this year!)

And a variety of ministry stuff happening. Continuing to teach a weekly Sunday morning study of James, one of my favorite epistles. Starting to work on writing a study of the epistle of Jude to follow that with (and trying to get son Matt to help me with it.) And also working (slowly and intermittently) on an introductory Christian apologetics class to be taught as part of a new evening equipping ministry we'll be launching in September. While still teaching folks in the New Life program at the local Rescue Mission once a week. And in addition, serving with some Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters on a task force to expand and integrate our bilingual ministries at HPEFC.

That along with all the normal summer family stuff like daughter's softball games and tournament, son's marching band clinic at the University of Nebraska, etc, etc, and life seems pretty full. Oh, and also trying to keep up with my cycling to hit my 2000 mile target for the summer. And of course July has been filled with tracking the Tour de France on a daily basis. Gotta have my priorities.

So OK, there's my busy list. How's it compare to yours? Yeah, not so impressive. But reality is that I've been in a bit of a desert for a while now, when it comes to having anything meaningful and edifying to share here. And I think that is largely sourced in the general spiritual lethargy that's characterized my life at HPEFC during the transitional season we've been in since last fall when our long time senior pastor was called elsewhere. But there's an oasis in sight on that front, as finally this weekend we'll be meeting and hearing from a pastoral candidate who is a great exegetical and expository preacher and a gospel-centered shepherd. Looking much forward to that, and to the next level of ministry Christ will call us to with such a leader.

So there, I posted something. And by God's grace He'll provide the desire and thoughts to continue to do so. Thanks for reading...

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