Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where's the Moral Vision?

Reading David Wells' Losing Our Virtue: Why the Church Must Recover its Moral Vision, and came across this passage. Read, think, and pray for the Church to return to being the Church.

It is one thing to know the Gospel; it is quite another to see it lived...The evangelical church today, with some exceptions, is not very inspiring in this regard. It is not being heroic. It is exhibiting too little of the moral splendor that Christ calls it to exhibit. Much of it, instead, is replete with tricks, gadgets, gimmicks and marketing ploys as it shamelessly adapts itself to our emptied-out, blinded, post-modern world. It is supporting a massive commercial enterprise of Christian products, it is filling the airways and stuffing postal boxes, and it is always begging for money to fuel one entrepreneurial scheme after another, but it is not morally resplendent. It is mostly empty of real moral vision, and without a recovery of that vision its faith will soon disintegrate. There is too little about it that bespeaks the holiness of God. And without the reality of this holiness, the Gospel becomes trivialized, life loses its depth, God becomes transformed into a product to be sold, faith into a recreational activity to be done, and the Church into a club for the like-minded.

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