Thursday, February 26, 2009

Decisions, decisions...

I'm at that place where I really want to write a new study for use in an adult Sunday school class. Researching and studying and writing and refining a Bible study is something that is hard work, but also something very energizing to me. I haven't developed anything new for a while, and I'm feeling the need to do a new thing. But therein lies my dilemma - what to write about?

I've already got a class in the works, a basic apologetics study with a working title of "Everyday Apologetics - Defending the Faith One Person at a Time." It's based on the book If You Could Ask God One Question. But this is probably better suited to one of our Biblical leadership training classes rather than general Sunday school.

So I'm toying with a couple of other ideas. Like a study of the Gospel. Exploring the depths of the truths of the Gospel of Christ, in all of it's ramifications and implications. This is a subject I am passionate about, and that the church desperately needs. Our collective evangelical understanding of the Gospel is so shallow and superficial, relegated to simple witnessing and "Jesus loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life." But divorced from the power of the Gospel for day to day living of those whom have been converted by it.

Along those lines, I've also considered doing a class on the cross of Christ. Again, getting beyond our superficial "Jesus died for me" understanding of the crucifixion, and into the full breadth of what Christ accomplished there. Atonement, victory, justification, expiation. Another area we tend to think about less deeply than deserved.

Also thinking about developing a class that explores the new EFCA statement of faith. This was adopted last summer, but I doubt that most people in the EFCA church I'm a part of, or most others as well, even know about it. A great opportunity to do teach some systematic theology in a stealthy manner.

Or also considering doing a study based on Thabiti Anyabwile's new book, What Is A Healthy Church Member? Again, a topic that we don't think deeply enough about, and that has been drastically affected by our consumer mentality as modernized people.

So there's my dilemma. So many options, so little time. Where do I invest myself, what do I focus on? Still thinking and praying for some guidance.

Any recommendations or suggestions from you out there in the ether?

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