Sunday, August 31, 2008

God's Providence and Bicycles

Once again, God has proven His providential nature. OK, so maybe you'll think I'm stretching this a bit, but I do believe that God deals quite providentially with His people in all things great and small. Even something as insignificant as the purchase of a new bicycle. Which is what this post is really about, and I just wanted to make it seem sort of spiritual. But on with the story.

So we traveled to Omaha yesterday morning to take son Mike to the airport for his flight to Tel Aviv (see previous post for the rest of that story). And so we decide to do a little bit of shopping while in the city, as any small-towners like us would. Tammie wants to do some looking around at the massive Nebraska Furniture Mart (the only furniture store I can think of that has a "campus"), so we drive there. And I just happen to spot a Trek bike shop right across the street, that I didn't even know was there before. So I drop the wife off at NFM and son Matt and I head for the Trek store to look around. After all, I am in the market for a new road bike, maybe I can get some ideas or find a good sale.

And just about the first bike I spot is a Lemond Buenos Aires. It's sitting on the end of the rack, gleaming in it's metallic red and white finish highlighted by the fine sculpting of the full carbon fiber frame, the Shimano Ultegra and 105 components sparkling like diamonds. Sweet ride, thinks I, but far out of my price range. But hey, it looks like it's my size, so let's take a peek for fun. Yep, original price is $2419.99. Ouch. But wait, there's a sale tag. Seems that the Trek store is having a special progressive sale this weekend, where each of the four days of the sale the price goes down. A lot. The Saturday price was $1399. A real bargain. But the Sunday price, if the bike is still there on Sunday, goes to $1099. Zikes! Now we're talking my price range, for a bike that is incredible. So I ask the guy and he says yeah, we open at 11:00 on Sundays so give us a call right away and if it's still here we'll hold it for you.

So this morning, as we're walking out of church after early morning worship and Sunday school class, I look at my watch and the time is - exactly 11:00. So I grab my phone and call. Yep, they still have it. Sure, they'll put my name on it as long as I come pick it up today. Sweet! So I and the lovely wife make another quick trip to Omaha this afternoon to make the deal of a lifetime. And the guy tells me that they were wondering who would get it first, since there were at least four people interested in it. So there you go. The providence of God, lived out in graciously giving me a fantastic bike that I could never have afforded otherwise.

Alright, if you aren't into bicycling I'm sure all this seems just weird to you. That's OK. Just remember that God's sovereign providence and grace is not limited to any one category that we might think. He can glorify Himself by providing something as mundane as a great deal on a bike. And I am doing my part in the whole transaction, by "proclaiming the excellencies of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light." Soli Deo Gloria.


Mike Awtry said...

I'm jealous. I'm also guessing that my bike will now have to forfeit its mount from the ceiling to make way for Greg.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it already has. Your bike is out in the shed with the lawn mower and garden tools.

And don't be jealous, it's a sin.