Thursday, February 7, 2008

Doing New Things

Seems that this is the week for me to try new things, ministry-wise that is. At the request of my friend Miguel, I will be preaching Saturday evening in a little Latino church here in town, named Pan de Vida (Bread of Life). And Miguel will be interpreting for the congregation. I have to say, this will be something totally outside my experience, and I know like two words of Spanish ( I can say "Me no habla espanol, senor.") But Miguel is really excited about it and he says the people in the church are excited about having a gringo Bible teacher come to visit while their pastor is gone for a few weeks. So I am revising a sermon I did a couple months ago for the little Shell Creek Baptist church out in the country, based on James 1:2-4. Although I may need to add some to it, since it seems the Latinos have no concept of time. Miguel told me that the service starts at 7:00, and I'd probably start preaching around 8:00, and to take as long as I want since they don't have a set time to end the service. Ay-ay-ay!!

So then I also agreed to fill in as teacher of a systematic theology class next Tuesday evening. It's part of Biblical Leadership Training (BLT) at my church, normally taught by our leadership development pastor who will be gone. So I get to teach a lesson on - the trinity. Yeah, something really simple and easy to illustrate. Actually it will not be that difficult, since I have all the notes and class outline. And the class is based on Grudem's Systematic Theology, just taking one chapter from it for this and the students have already read the material and will be coming to class prepared. Just hope that I am.

So I wonder what the next new thing will be? Please God, just don't send me to be a missionary in Africa!


Rob H said...

Interesting, Doulos. Our church hosts a spanish speaking congregation. We have had joint services(English translated into Spanish once, and once vice versa) and they were great. We also have just begun a leadership development study in our church, and the systematic book we're using is Grudem's.

Cosmic coolness.

Ben said...

how often does the sytematic theology class meet?

The Doulos said...

Ben, I think the class meets every other week. Talk to Bill if you are interested in his Theo classes.