Monday, October 15, 2007


I am pooped out tonight. I preached this morning at Shell Creek Baptist, and then also taught Sunday School. I have to say that I think this was the best time I've preached there, I could really sense God at work, and I was much more relaxed while preaching. Lots of very real and good comments afterward, including multiple ones from the Rev. Effa. A sweet old fellow who was the previous pastor of the church and has been in ministry longer than I've been alive. He told me several times how he was glad to hear that I'm supportive of Mike as he pursues preparation for ministry, since his dad was against him going into ministry and wanted him to farm. Consequently it was really hard for him going through Bible college without his fathers support. I can't imagine.

Also had a great time with the folks in Sunday School, teaching on God's omnipresence. It really was a lot of fun now that I've gotten to know some of the people, and feel like we've developed kind of a rapport. When I mentioned that this was the last time I'm scheduled to preach or teach, I had several people tell me that they hoped that wasn't the case and that I'd be back. I hope so as well, I have really developed a love for these folks.

Anyway, once again I am worn out after doing this kind of ministry. Even after taking an extra-long pastoral nap. I guess that goes with the territory. Or maybe it's because Matt and I spent much of the afternoon and evening watching some really classic movies we picked up at the cheapo DVD bin at Wal-Mart. Like Rambo - First Blood, Parts 1 and 2. And Nacho Libre. Yeah, strange mix. Hope I don't have nightmares.

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