Monday, April 30, 2007

The Believers Security in Christ

Pyromaniacs: Relishing believers' security in Christ

Dan Phillips has posted a great bit of Spurgeon this morning over at Team Pyro, regarding the security of the believer in Christ. Read and think and enjoy.

This is one of those issues that I see many Christians struggling with. They speak of God's grace and Christ's all sufficient sacrifice for them as the only means of attaining salvation. But when it comes to the question of remaining saved, they seem to waffle and fall back to thinking they must do something or perform some way to remain in a state of salvation. Why is this? The Scriptures are so clear on this issue. Could it be that we have too small a view and understanding of God's sovereignty? Could it be that our soteriology is a bit too unformed and therefore influenced by the pop-Christian views that are at best Arminian and at worst Pelagian?

Rest today, believer in the Risen Christ, in the sovereign grace of God who has redeemed you and will keep you in His care all the way to glorification with Him - and even past that. Paraphasing Buzz Lightyear: "To Eternity, And Beyond!"


MICHAEL said...

Greetings Doulos
I wonder if this might interest you:

As St. Augustine wrote against the Pelagians, man is completely unable to avail himself in meriting the free grace of God, but his natural will can cooperate with this prevenient grace when it is quickened by the Holy Spirit.

And St. Augustine wrote against the Manichaeans, the mystery of election is in the hidden counsels of God and singularly unto salvation (not "double" unto reprobation); yet, anyone that enters hell does so by their unassisted "free" choice.


Calvin: God's sovereignty determines the will.
Catholic: God's sovereignty includes free will.
Calvin: Predestination as predetermination.
Catholic: Predestination as infallible foreknowledge.
Calvin: God desires only the salvation of the elect.
Catholic: God desires the salvation of all.
Calvin: God provides grace only to the elect.
Catholic: God provides grace to all, though not all accept it.
Calvin: Christ died only for the elect.
Catholic: Christ died for all men.
Calvin: God predetermines some for hell.
Catholic :Men merit hell by their own wickedness.
Calvin: The elect include all those born-again.
Catholic: The elect are those who persevere to the end.
Calvin: Grace co-opts human free will.
Catholic: Grace perfects the free will that cooperates.
Calvin: Those in grace (born-again) can't fall away.
Catholic: Those in grace can freely sin and lose grace.
Calvin: The elect will unfailingly persevere.
Catholic: The elect are those who have persevered.
Calvin: The elect are assured of their salvation.
Catholic: Yes, but only God knows who they are.
Calvin: Predestination eliminates merit and guilt.
Catholic: Predestination includes merit and guilt.
The Pelagian heretics held that man alone (apart from God's grace) is responsible for his salvation. Calvinists start with the opposite premise that God alone is responsible for man's salvation.

I understand more clearly the difference between Calvinism & Catholicism. I was saved, I am saved, and I am being saved. Yes, but only God knows who they are.

Peace Be With You

White Badger said...

Way too awesome Doulos!
Way too true.
Keep it up.