Saturday, September 26, 2015

Everyday Apologetics

I'm currently teaching a very basic introductory class on Christian apologetics at Highland Park Church. I've named the class Everyday Apologetics, since the focus is on equipping believers to engage in one-on-one defense of the faith with people they interact with everyday.

Based on the little book If You Could Ask God One Question, the class explores common questions and misunderstandings about Christian belief, and seeks to provide basic rational, logical and Biblical responses to these questions. *My friend Landon Braithwait will also be writing and teaching a few of these lessons.

You can download the student guide here. Listed below are the lessons, with links to the teaching notes for each, as well as audio.
  1. Apologetics Defined   (Notes)   (Audio)
  2. The First Question – The Existence of God   (Notes)   (Audio)
  3. The Testimony of God   (Notes)  (Audio)  (Can We Trust the NT?)
  4. The Righteousness of God   (Notes)   (Audio)
  5. The Justice of God   (Notes)   (Audio)
  6. The Redeeming Nature of God  (Notes)  (Audio)
  7. *The Lordship of Christ  (Notes)  (Audio)
  8. The Reality of Eternity  (Notes)  (Audio)
  9. The Exclusivity of Christ  (Notes)  (Audio)
  10. *The Nature of Christian Faith  (Notes)  (Audio)
  11. The Problem of Pain and Evil  (Notes)  (Audio)
  12. The Morality of God  (Notes)  (Audio)

Monday, March 2, 2015

If I Post It, Will They Come?

Been thinking a lot lately about restarting this blog after a long hiatus. Curious if anyone out there has missed The Doulos' Den over the past few years it's been dormant, and if there would be any interest if I began posting my thoughts and observations and theological interjections here again.

Feedback appreciated.